fashion jewellery care tips and tricks

Check out this little guide I've put together for ya on how to take care of your fabulous Bling Box bling. I'm gonna dish all my pro-level secrets for keeping your jewelry looking its absolute best — stuff like how to store it, clean it, and wear it without causing any damage. Do what I say and I promise your shiny new pieces will stay shining for many years down the road! It's super easy and will let you get the most fun and fab value out of what you've bought. Read on to get the 4-1-1, girlfriend!


  • Store jewellery in original Bling in a dedicated air tight box, away from touching other accessories and beauty products. This prevents damage from exposure to dirt, moisture and chemicals over time.

  • To prevent damage, make sure to pack each piece of jewelry in separate pouches or bags to avoid contact erosion.


  • Gently wipe the accessory with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dirt and restore shine. For stubborn buildup, use an approved jewellery cleaner and soft brush to gently scrub metal.
  • Never use acids or DIY hacks like ketchup to clean the jewellery.

Wearing Habits

  • Apply fragrances, hair products and lotions before putting on jewellery to avoid chemical exposure.

  • Take off jewellery before showering, exercising, swimming or cleaning. Moisture and chemicals can degrade metals and damage settings very quickly.

  • Remove rings, bracelets and necklaces before going to bed to prevent entanglement and loose settings from movement during sleep.

Additional Care Tips

  • Don't leave pieces out for extended periods - store properly after wearing to prevent tarnishing and dust buildup.

  • Prevent knotting of chains by storing necklaces, bracelets and anklets untangled in a air tight storage container.

  • Rotate metal jewellery from day to day to give pieces a break from exposure to water, dirt and other contaminants. Remember fashion jewellery (unless specified otherwise!) is not meant for continuous daily usage.

Follow these care tips and you’ll be good to go!


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